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Surface protection for your best pieces.

The perfect protection and the most decorative surface for your aluminium drawing profile: We deliver this option directly from the factory. This saves transport, time and thus costs.


Modern anodising mills ensure an optimal finish up to a length of 12 metres. Cyclical certifications ensure that everything is done in accordance with the latest environmental guidelines. In addition to the classic anodised colours from C0-C35, additional special colours can also be realised.






State-of-the-art horizontal and vertical coating systems are used to meet the highest quality standards. Thanks to a wide range of different surfaces such as RAL colours, special colours, fine structure, metallic lacquering and wood decor, we are able to supply almost any desired surface.



In addition to direct processing of the aluminium, alpha aluminium offers another attractive form of surface design: the lamination of decorative foils. The customer can have decors from the alpha aluminium range (e.g. marble, granite or wood decors) applied. The films adhere reliably and are applied absolutely bubble-free. The decors are naturally lightfast.






Pure aluminium forms a thin oxide layer when exposed to air, which gives it a matt, silver-grey appearance. This oxide layer is impenetrable and makes pure aluminium highly resistant to corrosion. alpha aluminium uses polishing processes that give the aluminium surface a high gloss and permanently protect it from the formation of the matt oxide layer.






Aluminium is very much in demand as a design element, especially in the visible area. To ensure that a profile fits the customer's ideas exactly, alpha aluminium can brush the surfaces with many different grinding patterns.






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